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Latest Tamara Hope Palm Pre Ads: Oh, too creepy for ya? How about these?

Palm Pre: Synced Contacts

It's about time the Ad Maker of the 'Palm Pre Girl Ads' realize that the ads weren't as effective as they were hoping for... Getting someone to check out the Pre that is (But not the case when it comes to getting people to talk about them). So they rolled out 2 revised version of the Tamara Hope Pre commercials, they got rid of the whole Tamara Hope rambling part, and just let the Pre speak for itself. Probably, the way they should've done it in the first place. But, hey, it was late, but they got it now.

The 'new' ads are much shorter too, about half the time vs. the 'creepy' ones. And I just love how at the beginning, Tamara looks at the camera holding the Palm Pre as if she wanted to say something. If she did, what you think it would be?

One more video after the break:

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Tamara Hope Palm Pre ads going viral


Maybe it was all planned along, because these ads are certainly getting a plenty of attention right now, being just so creepy and all. And based on my statics, it's reflected on Google Searches as well. People are googling for "creepy Palm Pre commercials", "Palm Pre girl", "creepy Palm Pre", and so on.

In addition to all the talk about the ad on the internet, not 1 but 2 (Actually, 3) spoofs of the Tamara Hope Palm Pre ads showed up on YouTube today. Funny stuff.


4th Tamara Hope Palm Pre Ad: Mind Reader

OK, this 4th ad with Tamara Hope makes her look more wacky than creepy. At least she admits it herself that she's a little wacko in the head. In this ad, she talks about the Pre reading the user's mind. And I assume she was talking about Smart Applications:

Smart applications are those that use your data to filter events and information on the web to give you what you need when you need it. Some examples mentioned are:

A Calendar application that not only reminds you of your upcoming trip to New York, but that it’s 40° and raining there

An alarm clock that wakes you earlier than usual due to reported traffic on your commute route.

The whole idea behind 'PreThinking', is that the Pre thinks ahead for you, to make your life easier (The current Pre doesn't do much of that), telling you want to do, what to say. I for one welcome our soon-to-be Pre overlords.

If you want to see the previous 3 Tamara Hope Pre ad: 1 2 3

[Thanks for the tip, Manny]