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Palm Pre Now #1 BestSeller Mobile Phone on Amazon and BestBuy


It was only less than 2 months ago when Amazon started selling the Palm Pre, and with the recent price drop to $99, the Palm Pre has quickly rise to become the #1 Bestseller mobile phone on Being the awesome Phone the Pre is, this didn't come as a surprise. Not only on Amazon, the Pre has also became the #1 Bestseller at BestBuy Mobile as well. This clearly reflects that Palm Pre Sales are doing great.


Palm Pre Shipping June 7th, 2009; Beats iPhone to the Punch


According to tipsters, Palm Pre's are now shipping via UPS. After speaking with my Sprint Ninja today, I was informed that the internal Shipping routing system does not indicate any orders for shipment arriving. The ninja also stated that the shipments do not show up in the system for several days from when the initial shipments have left port.

In speaking to another one of my ninjas, during our discussion he had uttered, a "June Release" which I noticed had slipped. The ninja then quickly tried to back track and told me "He would get back to me." This seems to cooberate the story with other rumors.

With that being said, the Apple World Wide Developer conference is slated at the Moscone Center (West) in San Francisco for June 8-12th, 2009.

The reported release date for the Palm Pre is June 7, 2009, a Sunday. The day that Sprint tends to release cell phones.


First post from!

The Palm Pre was officially announced about a month ago and with all the hype going around... Hmm,  I doubt anyone would read this so I'll end it there. Maybe not.