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Bell in Canada officially drops the price of the Palm Pre to $149.99

Our fellow Canadians know that Bell has been lagging it when it comes to anything that has to do with the Palm Pre. 1.2.1 was late, Paid apps are still late, and the price drop to $149.99 that already took place on Sprint over a month ago is late. Of course the saying goes, "better late than never". Well the price has officially dropped in Canada from $199.99 to $149.99 on a 3 year contract. Yes a 3 year contract. Bell still hasn't decided to reduce the life sentence they also give with a contract but the price drop is a start. If you only had $150.00 in your piggy bank, now is your chance to go out and get your Palm Pre Canada!

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Palm Pre for free (only for 72 hours)!

We first broke the news about Walmart with Let'sTalk offering the Pre for $80. But right now Let'sTalk is offering the Palm Pre for even cheaper, free, with cashback and a mail in rebate. Yes, I said for FREE. They list the four steps to make the process possible:

Step 1) Click this link to buy a Palm Pre from LetsTalk. You must click that special link, or no cashback for you.
Step 2) Use coupon code 25RAFPCVER1 at checkout.
Step 3) Fill out our cashback request form. They'll give you $54.99 in cashback, the after-rebate price.
Step 4) We’ll get your cashback out to you before the mail-in rebates arrive. It’s that simple.

This offer only lasts for 72 hours and is currently the best deal yet for a brand new Palm Pre on contract. So get yours while it lasts! Lasts until 5 PM Pacific on September 30.



Wal-mart: Get a Palm Pre for only $45, Sorta


I'd recommend buying your Pre on Amazon for $99, but if you're interested in saving a couple bucks and don't mind waiting for the Mail-in-Rebate to come in, read on. Not long after Amazon started selling the Pre for $99, Walmart with LetsTalk is advertising the Pre for the price of $79.99, here's the math:

Palm Pre on a new 2 years Contract: $299.99 with Free Shipping


- $120 Instant Rebate TERMS

- $34.99, Walmart is throwing in 'Palm Pre Accessory Bundle' for Free, valued at $34.99 TERMS

- $100 Mail-in-Rebate TERMS

= $45 for a Palm Pre, well, $80 if you don't count the accessory bundle part of the deal.

This looks like a pretty good deal, but do note that you're really paying $179.99 up front. The Mail-in-Rebate will surely take a billion years.

The Accessory bundle includes a Palm Pre Car Charger, Screen Protector, Bluetooth Headset, & Clear Case.

[Thanks, JJShore and Vara411]


Palm Pre Price: Now $99 at


You read that right, the recent $50 drop to $150 wasn't enough, as now is selling the Palm Pre for only $99 on-contract. This might be the lowest the Pre will go, so get one now.


Palm Pre Price being dropped to $150?

According to a new internal memo that was leaked on the net, the Pre that we loved for $ 199.99 (ON Contract + Mail-in-rebate in most cases), is getting a Price drop of $50 tomorrow, the 8th. Making it now only $150 with contact and MIR. This price drop would most likely reach out to the 3rd party vendors as well.

We hope that the price reduction will bring more sales to the Pre, and even more when the Sprint Exclusivity ends. 

[via Brighthand, via PreCentral]


'The Shack' to sell the Palm Pre at $149 this Weekend (New Customers Only)


By now you have probably heard of RadioShack rebranding itself as "The Shack". And to kick things off, they're selling the Palm Pre for $149+Tax (Doesn't sound as good as $99) to New Customers of Sprint, this weekend only (August 7-9). So get down to your local RadioShack, er, The Shack, and grab yourself a Palm Pre for $149. Or you could wait for the 'real' price drop to $99 again at BestBuy, which will most likely go down before the end of the month.

Internal Memo:

" From August 7-9, the Palm Pre will be available for only $149.99 on new two-year activations with a Sprint Everything Plan of $69.99/month or higher. At $50 off, it's our lowest price ever! (Two-year upgrade pricing will remain at $219.99.) "

[Via @rojo101]