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Another Palm Pre Review!

Om Malik at Gigaom has had the opportunity to review the Palm Pre in person. His overall take on the phone is good, although he and others (and myself included) wish we could have spent more time with the Pre.

Excerpt from the review:

There are a lot of features — multi-tasking applications, for instance, that I didn’t get to play around with much. However, thanks to a rock-solid Sprint EVDO network, browsing on the device was really fast. Palm seems to have done a great job of developing a WebKit-based browser. Its implementation seems to be on par with the WebKit-based browsers from Apple and Google. It easily trumps Nokia’s WebKit-based browser.

I liked how Palm has turned WebKit into the user interface for the phone. The phone is good at integrating apps with a unified address book and syncing.



Another NEW Palm Pre Review - NOT BGR - With Photo!

This NEW review is brought to you by PedroTheGoat over at PreCentral forums.  After reading this review done by PedroTheGoat, I would have to say the BGR review was more biased and that this review was more in line with PreThinking's Review done earlier. Head over to PreCentral's forums to read the rest of the review.

Here are some excerpts below:

The look and feel: The phone feels solid and great. You can not even imagine how nice this critter feels. Go ahead and throw the "Fisher Price" stuff out the window. It is light, and made of plastic, but it defiantly does not feel like a child's toy.

The keyboard: So I went ahead and delved into the memo and typed away on it. Let me qualify the size of my hands also, I'm a 6"2 Goat that weighs about 185 lbs and I have VERY large hands. From bartending and playing many video games in my time, I have fairly good hand-eye coordination. The keyboard worked just fine for me, and I'm coming from a Blackberry, (Which is considered to have a wonderful keyboard).

Battery: So of course I was not able to actually use the thing for a whole day, so I can't personally attest for how long the battery last.

Screen: WOWOWOWOWIE! Bright, crisp, gorgeous. My fat thumbs were able to hit everything I wanted with no issues as at. Pinch to zoom works flawlessly. The "sploosh" graphic when you hit something is very cool.

Browser: Another WOWOWOWOWIE! FAST! Precentral loaded as fast as it did on my netbook! (Dieter, if you check your hits, you may see my Pre tag hit your site) Everything loaded JUST like you would see it on your desktop, with the exception of flash of course. I visited, Precentral, ESPN mobile, and BGR. BGR was the most complicated page, it took less than 10 seconds to load.

WebOS: So cool. No crashes at all throughout the hour I played with it. I had 10 cards open, (Nothing too intensive though) and I saw no slow down.


Palm Pre Full Review with Some Added Photos

Boy Genius has pulled off something no one else has (except for Prethinking's review), writing a review of the Palm Pre. They make some valid conclusions which I noticed with my review but I wholeheartedly disagree with the keyboard. BGR must have large fingers because I feel that Pre is MUCH easier to type on than the Treo 700p.

Here are some excerpts of their comments regarding the Palm Pre:



To be honest, there weren’t too many applications to explore here. The App Catalog was empty so we were left scrounging around anything that’s preloaded. Google Maps was something that will come with every unit so we checked that out first. It works really well. Loading was quick and the location feature and GPS integration was effortless (not just Google Maps but the GPS works really well on this handset).




The browser for the most part renders pages properly and pretty quickly. It took around 15-20 seconds to pull up BGR over Sprint’s EV-DO connection but navigating is a little bit of a problem. We found that zooming in and out didn’t produce a smooth effect, rather it simply increased the size of the page sort of how Internet Explorer zooms in. Panning around was crisp though and the browser was incredibly responsive. It hasn’t locked up on us a single time which is pretty impressive considering we beat it up quite a bit, and with plenty of other stuff running as well. Additionally, the accelerometer was absolutely positively instant. The Pre switches between portrait and landscape more than lightning fast, no question, and we can definitely see motion-controlled gaming playing a big role for this little guy.



It’s really not good. My hands aren’t that big (I can type faster than you could ever dream on a BlackBerry, iPhone or E71) and my thumb literally takes up 3 or 4 keys on the keyboard. There’s less space in between each key than say, a BlackBerry Curve 8300 keyboard, and the texture takes some time to get used to. It’s a rubberized coating kind of like the Centro and Treo Pro, and while the keys are a bit harder (better), the coating could possibly get irritating as usage increases. It’s really such an important area that couldn’t afford to be messed with and we’ll admit it... we’re a little let down. You’re going after the big guns here, and this is kind of disappointing.

You can’t compete with RIM in the keyboard area and you can’t compete with Apple in the soft-keyboard area, so how are people going to enjoy using your product when the data entry isn’t perfection? It’s like buying a brand new Ferrari, but getting an Accord steering wheel. It’s not the end of the world, but it isn’t greatness.



First post from!

The Palm Pre was officially announced about a month ago and with all the hype going around... Hmm,  I doubt anyone would read this so I'll end it there. Maybe not.