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Latest iTunes 9.0.2 Update = No Pre Sync, again.

Totally didn't see this one coming. Apple updated their iTunes to 9.0.2 this morning, and along with its new features and improvements was the death of the Palm Pre Sync. Again. But fear not Pre users that use iTunes, Palm will most likely bring it back from the dead with the next webOS firmware update or the one after that. Right?


AT&T hoping to get the Palm Pre before Verizon?

According to the a tipster over at Precentral, Palm showed off a GSM Palm Pre working on AT&T's 3G network. There's a chance AT&T might pick up the Palm Pre before Verizon. Let's take a quick look at the facts and rumors to see if we can puzzle this together.

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Will the new Droid prevent you from waiting for the Palm Pre on Verizon?

So as more specs are leaked by Boy Genius Report the Droid is beginning to look even more appealing than maybe we expected. After the Motorola CliQ was released and reviewed, we kind of felt like the Pre wouldn't be affected. The phone is nice but it won't have a huge impact because its not a whole lot different than the rest of the Android phones out there. Now we have the Droid which has a ton of hype, it is on the biggest network in North America, and it will be running Android 2.0 which BGR says is a big improvement over 1.5 and 1.6.

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Multiple IM apps coming to WebOS, one of them bringing video recording?


One of the best things about WebOS is its synergy feature which allows us to add contacts from multiple sources. Palm takes advantage of this feature by allowing us to have one thread or conversation open with a person, but be able to communicate with them through multiple clients including AIM, Google Talk or SMS. We saw in the Pixi demo that Yahoo Messenger is on its way, but what about Windows Live, ICQ, and Jabber? What if we want to have an app separate from our messaging app that can handle multiple IM clients and provide notifications separate of that on the messaging app. Well folks it looks like it is on the way. and Agile Mobile are both working on WebOS apps and there are some pretty slick features included. Mundu, which might be familiar to anyone who uses almost any other device besides the Pre has an IM solution they are working on for the Pre. They currently have a mobile version of the IM client you can use for free at that works pretty well with the Pre's browser. They are also working on a native application for WebOS that will be similar to that of the iPhone's app and will include messaging clients such as: Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Windows Live/MSN, and Jabber. Then we have Agile Mobile.

Agile Mobile is working on a very robust IM Client that handles all the same protocols as Mundu but takes the app a step further. According to their site, the app will be able to record videos and send them in a message, as well as send picture messages, and voice messages. Yes we know, is it really happening? Is the lack of video recording on our Pre going to be a thing of the Past? Either way it is nice to know there are some quality IM apps on their way to the App Catalog. There are no screenshots of Mundu's iteration of the IM app but Agile Mobile has a few screen shots and we are pretty impressed. Will these apps be a solid replacement for Beejive? They just might be.


Check out Agile Mobile's site here and Mundu's site here


Special thanks to Vara411 for his insight on the matter!


Palm is giving away 26 Palm Pixi Phones!


Attention PreThinking Readers, Palm is giving away 26 Palm Pixi (or 25 Pixi and 1 Pre) for free, so we'll cut to the chase and give you the skinny. You will have 2 chances to win one!

1. Go to Palm's facebook page and leave a comment before November 14, 2009 for a chance to win a Palm Pixi or Pre.

2. Sign up to be notified when the Palm Pixi goes on sale. And 25 lucky people that do will win a Palm Pixi!

More details at Palm's Blog


Palm's App Catalog now has over 200 apps

Palm added 42 new apps to the App Catalog today! This puts the catalog over the 200 mark. We started with 12 apps on launch day and now have 228 apps even though the catalog is still marked as 'beta'. Todays new influx of apps is heavily themed by Ultralingua, Inc. Which has provided dictionaries for many languages. Catch the list of new apps after the break!


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Stay connected with Palm news and updates on Twitter

Palm is a Twitteraholic for sure! They keep us updated when new versions of WebOS are out, when there are Palm Pre or Palm Pixi giveaways. They always keep us up to date. Here are the important Palm twitter accounts to follow!

@Palm  <- This Twitter account is everything general to Palm. Sometimes they answer questions, sometimes they retweet news or pictures and have giveaways for the Pre/Pixi all the time and let us know when new updates are out.

@WebOSDev <- This Twitter account usually gives us updates or guidelines for anything regarding the WebOS SDK and anything regarding WebOS Developers including sometimes responding to general questions and giving tips.

@PalmNewApps <- This Twitter account is brand new as of today and was set up to let us know whenever they add to or update the Palm App Catalog. This is great so we can download brand new apps the minute they arrive in the App Catalog.

Also notable accounts from us at Prethinking you can follow:

@PreThinking <- Which will always give you the latest news that is here on the blog.

@Blayze04 <- Writer for PreThinking who can answer questions or concerns regarding WebOs or your Pre and will let you know what new things are coming from Palm.

@FoneFrenzy <- Writer for Prethinking and FoneFrenzy sites always has something interesting to say and is always on top of all Phone news even outside of Palm.


Verizon confirms Palm Pre again, this time via Twitter

Well another person at Verizon has decided to let someone know that the Palm Pre is on its way to Verizon. This time their tweeting on Twitter from the Verizon Wireless Offers Twitter account 'VZWOffers'. Verizon is currently the largest carrier in the U.S. with the largest 3G coverage area (if you haven't seen Verizon's 'There's a Map for That' commercial it's a must). There are a lot of big name smartphones on their way to Verizon this year including the BlackBerry Storm 2, which our friends over at FoneFrenzy have a nice video of and two Android devices; the rumored Motorola Sholes, and what looks like the HTC Hero. All these devices are exciting but we all get this tingly feeling that Verizon's big launch is going to be the Palm Pre, which they have said numerous times will be out some time in Q1 of 2010. We here at PreThinking are hoping that means January.