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Free Touchstones at the Palm Pre launch in UK, don't forget Spain or Ireland!


We know the Pre launched October 13 in Germany and it was quite a big launch. We had heard that some stores had over 100 people in line. We also heard that at 1 particular store there were 150 people waiting in the rain to get their Palm Pre's the minute the store opened. The day after that, October 14, Palm also launched the Pre in Spain, which seemed to be a pretty quiet launch. We didn't hear much about it, although in Palm's defense we don't hear a lot about any phone in Spain. We should feel confident the Pre will bode well in Spain. Then we have tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a pretty big day because of all the rumors we have heard about the Pre being a more anticipated launch than the original iPhone over in United Kingdom. There was a Pre launch party that took place on top of a roof in London which had some European celebrities in attendance such as: Mathew Home, Mr. Hudson, Rachel Stevens, Alphabeat, and Mel B (AKA Scary Spice). Now O2 is handing out flyers offering the first 10 people in line to purchase the Palm Pre will receive a free Touchstone Charging kit. This should help hike up the excitement a bit because the Touchstone is $70.00 here in the U.S. and about 46 Euros in Europe.

We also have what seems to be forgotten in the blogosphere (I know that term makes me laugh too) the Palm Pre coming to O2 in Ireland as well. Not a lot of buzz around that either but we are hoping the Irish can get to their local O2 stores at 8:00 AM, about and hour or 2 before their local pubs. There is hype around the Pre in Europe but is it as blown up as it was/is here in the States? Are you getting your Pre in Europe tomorrow or have you already?


New apps arrive in time for the Palm Pre launch in Europe today[Update]


Two new apps appear in the catalog just in time for the European launch which is happening in mere minutes! The apps, ran and VZ-Netzwerke, both free apps, arrived in the catalog just a few minutes ago. They are definitely suited for Europe since neither app is in English, but English only speaking people shouldn't feel left out. Palm also decided to throw in The Weather Channel app for free in the catalog today as well! This is a very exciting time right now for those who waited the extra four months it took Palm to get the GSM version of the Pre to Europe. But today is the day, it is finally here. Are you getting your GSM Pre today whether you live in Europe or you know a way to get it unlocked?!

Update: According to the German O2 site there will be other apps launched on the German App Catalog that have might not be in the North American Catalog. If any of them are any good let us know in comments!

Update: It looks like both of the VZ-Netzwerke and ran were pulled from our app store. It also looks as though a few other apps are showing up in the catalog.

VZ-Netzwerke - Free [PULLED]

ran - Free [Pulled] - Free

Match 'Em - $0.99

TechTray - $0.99

My Loaned Items - $1.99

The Weather Channel - Free



Europe skipping WebOS 1.2.1 and going to 1.3 with the rest of us in November?


According to the German site Heise.De that has reviewed the German version of the Palm Pre in detail, they believe their version of the Pre might be getting iTunes Sync again with 1.3 sometime in November. Right now we have iTunes sync with version 1.2.1 so we aren't too concerned with getting it back here in the States just yet. In their post they say that O2 will be skipping 1.2.1 in order to line up WebOS versions with North America sometime in November. No exact date is given and they don't give a reference to their source but this is exciting news none the less. 

The timing of the update actually makes perfect sense. The Pre came out June 06, 2009 with version 1.0.1 and actually had an update available to 1.0.2 on day one. About 45 days later on July 22, 2009 WebOS 1.1 was released offering a number of fixes and new features. Then when Palm finished WebOS 1.2 sometime around September 8th, which was their original expected release date, Sprint had to delay the update for a few weeks to deal with carrier settings on the Pre. The time Span between 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 is about the same number of days. A November release of 1.3.0 will follow suite with this pattern being about two months after the expected 1.2 release onSeptember 08, 2009. It makes sense to us! This may also be about the time Pixi is launched. In time for the Holidays was Palms official launch date. That is exactly what this is.

The original paragraph and Google translation for you after the break.

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What happens if you drop Palm Pre in Beer?


What happens if you were to drop your Palm Pre into Beer or some sort of liquid? The embedded video will give you a good idea...

Link to Video


More Paid and Free Apps Trickles into App Catalog[UPDATE]

It's been 4 days since the first batch of Paid Apps hits the App Catalog, and now another batch of both paid and free apps is in the App Catalog.

[Update] More apps are coming in as of 07:30 PM Pacific (10:30 Eastern).

Bubble Level (Free)

Converty ($1.95)

easyShop ($3.00)

PicFlick ($0.99)

Currency Exchange Rates ($4.99)

Currency Exchange Rates Lite (Free)

Push to pop ($0.99

Speed Brain Deluxe ($1.99)

Wooter (Free) Nice Woot App.

Color Match ($1.99)

TealShopper ($4.95)

ScreamIt ($0.99)

Intersection ($0.99)

TipIt (Free)

Flashlight (Free)

CL USB Sync (Free)

Blobbers ($0.99)

m:Mafia 40 Favor ($4.99)

m:Vampire 40 Gems ($4.99)

Bogus Caller ($0.99)

Dose ($0.99)


GSM Palm Pre on its way to exclusivity on Telcel in Mexico?

Video footage has been released showing a GSM version of the Pre running on Telcel. There hasn't been any official announcement at Telcel just yet, but according to the video Telcel will be the exclusive carrier of the Palm Pre. The video shows the Pre and how it functions. There are no Sprint apps in the launcher and you see the SIM card when they take the back casing off. One major thing to note, and what is causing a little controversy over on twitter, is the mention that this Pre has expandable storage space. No specifics are given and the battery is not removed so we can't see anything on the video but this may be the first Pre with some sort of expandable storage. Though I wouldn't bet my money on it. Is the Telcel release coming soon? What do you think? Check out the videos and decide for yourself.

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Epocrates native app definitely coming to WebOS this year!


Epocrates is one of the largest drug index data bases in the world and it has taken a huge stake in the mobile space. It is one of the most popular drug reference guides on almost every platform ranging from the previous Palm OS to the iPhone. There was rumor that Epocrates was working with Palm on an app for the Pre all the way back in February. Once the Pre came out it seemed like that rumor was talking about how you can install the app with Classic. People have been begging for Epocrates on WebOS and so far what we have been getting is emails back from them explaining to us how to install Epocrates via the Classic Emulator on the Pre. This may be enough for some but we wanted a native app that runs directly on the WebOS platform and comes directly from the App Catalog. Well that time is finally coming. We heard directly from Epocrates, and they say that the people have spoken and they can hear us. They are working on a native WebOS version of Epocrates and they say it will be out before the end of the year. Nurses and doctors and med students all over can rejoice. Epocrates is an amazing tool to help discover pharmaceuticals and their purposes. Check out Epocrates website here for more details on what they are all about. They currently have no details posted on their site about the WebOS version of their app but it is coming and we all eagerly await its arrival.




DoubleTwist now allows Amazon MP3 downloads.

DoubleTwist, which is arguably the best alternative to iTunes (in my opinion its better) now allows you to download songs from Amazon MP3 store directly through its desktop software. DoubleTwist is known for allowing all sorts of third party devices including our beloved Palm Pre sync music to and from iTunes or any other music sources you have on your computer. Since our Pre's have the Amazon MP3 store built in and Palm allows MP3 downloads over EVDO it makes perfect sense. If you don't like iTunes, which many people don't, you can use DoubleTwist as a fantastic alternative. DoubleTwist also pulls directly from your iTunes library without you having to move songs or folders at all. It really is an easy switch and I recommend you give it a try!

Check out the video directly on [Youtube] with your Pre's

You can get DoubleTwist HERE