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TealOS gets the axe (webOS likealike app)

Remember TealOS? The Application by TealPoint that gives Palm OS devices that sleek webOS look. Palm has apparently requested TealPoint to remove and stop selling of TealOS on Monday March 30. From TealOS page:

IMPORTANT! - A Palm's request, we will stop selling TealOS on Monday March 30. Copies purchased prior to this date, however will continue to function.

The TealPoint guys have been working hard on fixing bugs and improving TealOS from day one and will continue to do so by the 30th of this month. We're sorry that such an great application has to go...

Back in late Feburary, we had a short interview with Vince Lee, the President/Founder of TealPoint Software, about TealOS.



Still interested in Palm Pre? More than 85% say Yes

According to, the Palm Pre's still standing strong in our minds, despite the lack of news about the Pre lately. Both Palm and Sprint's Pre pages had a huge spike in traffic after Palm Pre was announced in CES 09. Although that initial hype is calming down a bit now , and the traffic had dropped, they're still getting a "steady" flow of traffic to their pages, similar to what had happened to the Apple iPhone. 

The guys over at ZDNet, did a little poll on whether people are still interested in the Palm Pre. Roughly, 90% say "Yes".



Palm Pre Release Date: May or June (Not April)

 Yet another leaked Sprint internal info has surfaced. According to the screengrab above, there's no mention of a Palm Pre release for April. There's a chance that things are not set in stone yet and Sprint might possibly change their mind and release it in April. If not, then Palm/Sprint will most likely ramp up marketing for the Pre in April and hopefully release the phone in May. Either way, time will tell.


Palm Pre being Assembled by CMCS

DigiTimes is reporting that the honored ODM for the Palm Pre will be Chi Mei Communication Systems. They're not well-know like the other Tawiness based OEM out there like HTC and Inventec. Best-know for their handsets for Motorola. Since 2005, CMCS has been part of Foxconn, interestingly enough the ones behind th production of reported 800,000 iPhones per week. The question is, could they keep up production with the demand for the Pre? We'll find out "soon".

Also reported that, "Shipments expected to begin in March at the earliest, indicated the sources." I doubt we'll see the Pre in March, more like April if they are getting close to release it to the Palm Pre consumers. Let's cross out fingers...



Sprint Palm Pre Webinar now on YouTube!

If you missed the invited-only Sprint/Palm Pre webinar held on March 12, 2009, you can now watch the webinar with Q&A session on YouTube! You can read our coverage of it in our previous post(Pricing Plans). 


Palm Pre out in Q2, 256MB RAM confirmed

Once again, Boy Genius has gotten hold on some insider info. This time it's the internal Sprint Roadmap. P100, apparently the code name for Palm Pre, will be offered in Q2 of 09. That's between April and June -- so you can forget about a late release for the month of March. What we also got is the confirmation of the Pre with 256MB RAM, which is double of what the iPhone 3G has, 128MB RAM. In addition, the Pre will use a 1150 mAh battery like the Centro. Everything else is pretty much old news. 

[via BGR]


iPhone 3.0 to have Pre-like features, copy and paste and...

Kevin Rose has a good track record when it comes to Apple rumors. Last night during a live Diggnation show at SXSW in Austin, he excites iPhone users with crumbs of what's to come in iPhone OS 3.0. What we got from Kev so far is copy and paste and features that "bring it up to speed with the Palm Pre stuff". What we know for sure is that it can't do full multitasking with its current hardware. In addition, no MMS, no Video and no Background Apps -- at least for 3.0. Will iPhone 3.0 have synergy, pre-thinking technology, notification bar or universal search? Maybe, maybe not. Could this be good or bad news for Palm? We won't know for sure until the 17th. Video after the break.

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Palm Pre: Pricing Plans Confirmed

Some fresh juice was squeezed out of the Webinar today. And that is the Pricing Plan for the Palm Pre. In addition, the Pre is still on track and will be offered in the first half of 2009. 

Individuals can choose from:

  • $99 Simply Everything
  • $89 Unlimited Data + 900 minutes
  • $69 Unlimited data + 450 minutes

Families can choose from:

  • $129.99 Unlimited Data + 1500 minutes
  • $169.99 Unlimited Data + 3000 minutes
  • $189.99 Unlimited plans

And business customers can choose to pool their minutes.

It looks like Sprint doesn't want people to sign up for cheaper, voice-only plans to avoid extra charges. You know -- the Pre is running on webOS.