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Developing Apps for Palm webOS webcast on YouTube

If you missed the live webcast that happened yesterday, then you're in luck -- because you can find the whole hour presentation on YouTube! The best part is that the video is not chopped up in parts but whole. You can check out our post on the highlights of the event here

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webOS: Background Apps and Source Code Protection

Not much was revealed from the Developing for webOS webcast (not surprisingly). It was basically a recap of what's already in that 1st chapter of Developing for webOS book from O'Reilly. However, during the Q&A -- A few interesting answers came about. First off, webOS does support multitasking and background apps, but there's a tiny limitation to it. At least for the initial release. Apparently, all your opened cards/apps are running in the background and when you close a card it usually means they are no longer running -- unless they're apps that are sitting in the notifications dashboard. Nothing big.

Secondly, developers are worried that the source code for their apps can easily be copied due to the fact that webOS runs entirely under HTML, AJAX, and Javascript. Mitch Allen said this regarding the issue:

Well, we're pretty concerned about it, we're still looking at it.  I don't think we've got any concrete advice to offer yet.  I think when the time the SDK comes out we'll be advising developers around that.  I think, quite honestly, the community is a bit split.  Web content has been fairly exposed [...] some of the people who are providing web content and web services have found ways to protect their applications on the server side.  Now, for embedded developers and people who are really purely on the client, that's a lot more of a challenge.  I'm not really able to here today say "do this or do that" but we'll have some guidance for people as we come out with the SDK.

It is a big concern of ours and we want to do the best thing for the developer and for the user.

Still no word yet on the release date for the Pre. We hope it'll be "soon".

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Registration is full for the WebOS Development Webcast

Just seconds after we posted a reminder for the live event, OReillyMedia confirm and retwitted that Registration is full for the WebOS Development Webcast. And that you can catch the recording of the event after here. However, the registration link seems to still be working, so go on ahead and signup before they drop it.

Update: The event is officially closed for new signups.

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Reminder: WebOS Development Webcast is tomorrow 

If you're a developer, then you should go on over to oreillymedia and save yourself a spot on the Developing Applications for webOS: A Preview, a free online event presented by Mitch Allen -- where Palm will give you a deeper look at the WebOS and a glimpse into the development environment with the Mojo SDK. 

Date and time: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 1:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour

In this live, online event, Mitch Allen, Palm's Software CTO and a member of the Palm webOS(tm) design team, will recap the material included in the introductory chapter of "Palm webOS: Developing Applications in JavaScript Using the Palm Mojo(tm) Framework," a joint collaboration announced this week by Palm and O'Reilly, and will give you a preview into application development with the Mojo SDK. This is a great opportunity to hear an insider's perspective on webOS development and get a glimpse into the development environment and toolset for this breakthrough mobile web platform.


Do the guys behind TealOS have a Palm Pre?

We had a short interview with Vince Lee, the President/Founder of TealPoint Software, the guys behind many of the great software for the PalmOS, including the TealOS. Seeing how amazing the TealOS is and how short of a time they got it done, we suspected that they had knowledge of Palm Pre/WebOS prior to CES 09. So we just had to ask him a couple of questions, and this is how it went. 

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Get the Pre experience on your Palm OS 5 device, sorta

What seems to be WebOS at first glance is actually TealOS, a downloadable WebOS-like skin for older Palm devices with PalmOS 5 (They offer a Trial version and a Full Version for $14.95 USD). The Software is loaded with parallel features of the WebOS including, live cards (multiple applications opened at once), and even the popup wave launcher. In other words, it'll will transform your clunky palm device(s) to a spanking new Pre, kinda...


From what I've heard, the TealOS is a bit sluggish and quite a few bugs that needs fixing. If you're gonna download the Skin to your Palm device and pretend you're playing with the pre, we'd love your feedback on it! 

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Pre found its way to Palm UK site

Palm's UK site has been updated with the Palm Pre on their homepage much like their US site. The Pre in the picture however is the CDMA model, which probably means that a GSM model is going to be released one way or the other and real soon too. Great news!

[engadget via phoneArena]


First post from!

The Palm Pre was officially announced about a month ago and with all the hype going around... Hmm,  I doubt anyone would read this so I'll end it there. Maybe not.

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