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Palm Pre Commercials Include T.V. Shows Heroes & Desperate Housewives

A series of spots that debuted this week weaves Palm Inc.'s Pre phone more deeply into the story line of two prime-time dramas.

In a "mini-mystery" called "Another Desperate Housewife," an extra from ABC's "Desperate Housewives" suspects her husband is cheating after checking his Pre. A voice-over refers to Sprint's wireless data network, as the phone is offered exclusively through Sprint Nextel Corp. in the U.S.: "This is suspicion, on The Now Network."

Along its eight-week run, a few dramatic twists and turns will be revealed — over the Palm Pre, of course.

Sprint also has a "Heroes" series of dramatized ads on NBC that follows new character Lydia, who is able to identify faces in the shape-shifting tattoos on her body. She uses the Pre to find her daughter, who also has a heroic power.

[via AP]


WebOS Web market share on the rise?


Today AdMob put out a Mobile Metrics report that describes in detail, the different smartphone platforms Web market share. The graph shows tremendous growth in Apple's iPhone OS Web use but something amazing to us at Prethinking is the amount of growth WebOS has had.

The first WebOS device was released with Sprint exclusivity on June 6, 2009. October 6th, 2009 will be WebOS's fourth month birthday. AdMob's study shows WebOS to actually be a noticeable blip on a huge map. Worldwide WebOS is already responsible  4% of mobile Web browsing traffic. Android which was released on October of 2008 and is already released in many other countries around the world has only 7% of the Web browsing market share, and Blackberry, being the largest smartphone distributor in the United States with many different models and an OS that has been out for quite some time now, only has 8% mobile Web market share.

It is clear that WebOS is a growing platform and it seems to have a really great start so far. After Palm's Europe releases and the release of their newly unveiled Palm Pixi this Web traffic brought to us by WebOS will grow even more. Perhaps passing Android and Blackberry Web market share by the end of this year? We're all excited to find out how this unfolds over the next few months.

[Via AdMob Mobile Metric Reports]


mSpot: Full-length movies right on your Palm Pre

According to NYTimes, mSpot has signed deals with major studios to be bring full-lengh movie rentals on to mobile devices like the Palm Pre. The Movie Rental service will cost $4.99 per movie, and you get to watch them for 24 hours - 5 days after renting them.


Confirmed: webOS 1.2 does not bring back iTunes Sync


Palm did NOT restore back iTunes (Version 9) Sync capability in webOS 1.2.0, maybe in 1.2.1? Did USB-IF really impact Palm's decision in bring back iTunes sync? I was hoping there would be a War of some sort.


Palm Pre for free (only for 72 hours)!

We first broke the news about Walmart with Let'sTalk offering the Pre for $80. But right now Let'sTalk is offering the Palm Pre for even cheaper, free, with cashback and a mail in rebate. Yes, I said for FREE. They list the four steps to make the process possible:

Step 1) Click this link to buy a Palm Pre from LetsTalk. You must click that special link, or no cashback for you.
Step 2) Use coupon code 25RAFPCVER1 at checkout.
Step 3) Fill out our cashback request form. They'll give you $54.99 in cashback, the after-rebate price.
Step 4) We’ll get your cashback out to you before the mail-in rebates arrive. It’s that simple.

This offer only lasts for 72 hours and is currently the best deal yet for a brand new Palm Pre on contract. So get yours while it lasts! Lasts until 5 PM Pacific on September 30.



Palm Pre Now #1 BestSeller Mobile Phone on Amazon and BestBuy


It was only less than 2 months ago when Amazon started selling the Palm Pre, and with the recent price drop to $99, the Palm Pre has quickly rise to become the #1 Bestseller mobile phone on Being the awesome Phone the Pre is, this didn't come as a surprise. Not only on Amazon, the Pre has also became the #1 Bestseller at BestBuy Mobile as well. This clearly reflects that Palm Pre Sales are doing great.


Various Sources Confirm Palm Pre Is Coming To Verizon

Various sources have confirmed that the Palm Pre WILL be coming to Verizon. Verizon has denied rumors of the past couple of days that it had decided not to carry the Pre. Jim Gerace, the executive director of media relations at Verizon, told the E-Commerce Times that the wireless provider will offer the smartphone in January as planned.

The only issues that could be affecting the deal is the VCast store. "Verizon has been talking about its VCast Store, and Palm is setting up its own app store, so that could be the problem," Allen Nogee, a principal analyst at In-Stat, stated. "It's possible that Verizon wants to keep the number of app stores available to subscribers to a minimum."

[via E-Commerce Times and BGR]


Wal-mart: Get a Palm Pre for only $45, Sorta


I'd recommend buying your Pre on Amazon for $99, but if you're interested in saving a couple bucks and don't mind waiting for the Mail-in-Rebate to come in, read on. Not long after Amazon started selling the Pre for $99, Walmart with LetsTalk is advertising the Pre for the price of $79.99, here's the math:

Palm Pre on a new 2 years Contract: $299.99 with Free Shipping


- $120 Instant Rebate TERMS

- $34.99, Walmart is throwing in 'Palm Pre Accessory Bundle' for Free, valued at $34.99 TERMS

- $100 Mail-in-Rebate TERMS

= $45 for a Palm Pre, well, $80 if you don't count the accessory bundle part of the deal.

This looks like a pretty good deal, but do note that you're really paying $179.99 up front. The Mail-in-Rebate will surely take a billion years.

The Accessory bundle includes a Palm Pre Car Charger, Screen Protector, Bluetooth Headset, & Clear Case.

[Thanks, JJShore and Vara411]