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Palm Pre to get Playstation Emulator -- Psx4all from ZodTTD

YouTube Link

I don't know about you but after watching the embedded video, I think 3D gaming is more than possible on the Pre. ZodTTD, the guy that is known for making emulators for the iPhone, to name a few: gpSPhone (Gameboy Advance emulator), psx4iphone (Sony Playstation 1 Emulator), genesis4iphone (Sega Genesis and Sega CD emulator).

Recently, zodttd got himself a Pre and naturally he being, well -- zodttd, rooted the Pre and threw his PlayStation 1 emulator on the Pre. It's not fully working yet, for instance, there is no sound output. But he's looking forward to releasing the download links as soon as he work out the bugs.

He also mentions that the emulator runs really well on the Pre (as you can see in the video), even better than the iPhone 3G S. This is an exciting time indeed! And let's no forget that the Pre has a physical keyboard, so no button controls on the screen for us! 

[via ZodTTD]