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Palm Pre Drops to $80 At Best Buy For 3 Days Only

Oh Palm Pre, why do you torment us so much? With the Holidays around the corner this week, two major shopping events are coming up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The one time of year retailers have to 'get into the black' for the year.

The coming weekend deals will be plentiful for two reasons: Retailers aren't making the dough like they used too and the economy is still in the tank despite what the Wall Street wants you to hear.

With that, Best Buy has decided to bring you the Palm Pre for $79.99 for three days only beginning with Black Friday. So if you have been sitting on the fence since June to pick up a Pre, now is a good as time as any to head on over to Best Buy and grab yourself a pretty good deal.


Palm Pre Owners Satisfied With Their Phones


A survey performed last week by Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech Blog states Pre Owners were 87% satisfied and 45% as "very satisfied" with  the Palm Pre. "Palm's percentage of planned smart phone purchases among consumers has doubled since our previous survey (8%; up 4-pts), indicating the Pre is off to a very solid start."

The largets complaint was the lack of applications being built for the Palm Pre, which 24 percent of people stated that was a problem. But the PreDevCamp held last Saturday was a eye opening experience to see how many new applications will be coming to the Pre.

During the Camp, Palm adamantly stated that approval  process for applications will be fast and painless for developers. They have taken he gripes and complaints of Apple developers and are listening the complaints and as a result, they have developed a smooth process to assist new developers to port their applications or build new ones for the WebOS.


Sprint Stores are Packed with People Buying Palm Pre

Went into a couple of local Sprint stores in California and phones were already sold out of the Palm Pre. In addition, there were numerous chargers in the store but a few employees noted that the touchstone chargers were not selling as fast as the phones were. One thing my fiancée noticed was the music in the background, which didn't even faze me. The music that was playing the hour I was the first store was U2. Looks like part of Bono's US $82.3 million investment, besides Palm shares rising to $13.00 per share, but has Bono cut a deal with Palm/Sprint to supply music to the stores? I noticed this at a few of the stores I visited today.

As the stores staff was overwhelmed at one point, so I decidedly stepped in to assist customers with their questions. One lady sent herself an email and she didn't know how to remove it from the handset. Another was trying to add a number to text someone and forgot to put the area code. One of the main gripes I heard from a few customers was why there wasn't any video. I explained to them that Palm is now working with a development community and has only released the SDK to a handful of 'trusted' developers but that the customers could expect video within the next several months. We know the folks over at preDevCamp are probably addressing this issue and so is Palm.


Latest Palm Pre Commercial; Re-launching Our Brand

Palm's new Facebook video page shows new Palm Pre commercials which are coming soon.  Head over the Facebook and take a view for yourself. Not much in the way of Pre shots but there is a quote by one of the members of Palm stating "What where doing here is nothing short of re-launching our Brand; re-launching our company."


Brad Garlinghouse, Ex-Yahoo Exec. Dumping iPhone For Palm Pre

The exodus has officially begun as Ex-Yahoo Executive, Brad Garlinghouse, states that he is dumping the iPhone for his new found love, the Palm Pre

"it's official - I'm fired up to dump AT&T and the iPhone (more AT&T than iPhone) and try the Palm Pre!"

Photo: Mitch Aidelbaum via Flickr



Palm Pre Already Sighted At Best Buy?

Take it for what it's worth but zerock over on Twitter spotted the Palm Pre at Best Buy. It looks like the pricing out the door is $519.00. We are not too sure about $89.99 pricing and there is also some other pricing which is cropped out of the photo. Take it for what it's worth because we expect to see a lot more Palm Pre news this week.


Dear Europe, May We Introduce to you the Palm Pre

Telefonica, known as O2 to United Kingdom, Ireland, German, Czech Republic and Slovakia in Europe, looks like they will be the first European carrier to pick up the amazing Palm Pre in GSM. The Guardian UK reported, Britain's largest mobile phone operator sees off Vodafone and Orange in fight to stock Palm Pre. The UK's largest mobile phone operator, with more than 20 million customers, 02 understood to have seen off fierce competition for the new handset from Vodafone and Orange, and it will be available in the UK in time for the crucial Christmas period. Welcome abroad Palm Pre!


Sprint's Palm Pre In Hands of "Store Advocates"

Looks like Palm Pre has arrived at your local Sprint stores "Store Advocates" hands. As reported, one unit is in hands at each Sprint store for training purposes. The one-per-store units are for the store employee which is the designated expert on the Palm Pre. We expect to see several more shots of the Palm Pre to come here in the future.

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