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Palm Pre Price Cut by $100, only $99


I'd say from the looks of it, Pre sales has done really well over the past month and a half. And I think that is all gonna drastically change because it looks like Best Buy has lowered their price tag on the Pre by $100. Now $99.99 for new customers/eligible upgrades, and $759 off contract... (That's paying $400 more if you had bought one on eBay) We don't now if this price change revolves around just Best Buy or Sprint Stores yet.

The question is, will Best Buy give early Pre adaptors $100 back? Oh and you haven't gotten a Pre, go get one NOW.


[Thanks, Jim -- via SprintUsers]


Palm Pre: InsideSprintNow debunks the latest Best Buy rumors (trial launch, $999)

A few hours back, BGR posted rumors of Best Buy 'trial launching' the Palm Pre and possible pricing points. Hours later, the guys over at InsideSprintNow finally stepped in to debunk it. 

Here's why they think the rumor is bogus:

  • Being an insider of Sprint, he/she claims to know the exact release date and pricing for the Palm Pre.
  • Sprint would be crazy to let a 'partner' do the huge Palm Pre launch, not to mention how much they would lose from in-store accessory sales for not launching it in their own retail stores.
  • Only 4,500 Pre's across the country, with only 1-4 Pre's in each BB Mobile locations. BB employees will most likely purchase the few 1-5 Pre's before doors are even opened.
  • Contract or not, $999 price point will never happen, ever. We know.

And in his/her own words about the $299 price point for upgrades:

"As to the upgrades for existing customers? Have you -ever- seen a single price point for an upgrade price? The answer is no, because the system is simply not set up like this. The existing customer price will be the standard $75 off for 10+ months into agreement, $150 off for 22+ months, and the full $150 off + any rebates for those that qualify and have have the same device for 24+ months, which is essentially new customer pricing. Premier & White Glove customers also qualify for essentially new customer pricing at the 12 month mark, just as with any other device. To hint that there would be a single price point for any customer that wanted to upgrade is simply incorrect, and anyone as familiar with Sprint as BGR should be, knows that the system just isn’t set up to allow for that."