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Become a Palm Reviewer and get a Palm Pre for Free! (confirmed)

Palm is is now taking applications for their new "Real Palm Phone Reviewer" promotional campaign. Well, you get to become a "Real Reviewer" and in return you will get a new phone courtesy of Palm and data-plan service for 6 months. (hopefully the Pre is an option when it's available!).

The link will take you through a series of questions regarding about yourself, your habits, current phone you own and other questions. This in turn will allow you to become a possible reviewer for phones from Palm, including the Pre. Selected Reviewers will be notified on May 8. No, that won't be the release date for the Pre or a hint of some sort...

Update from Philip: Jon Zilber answered my question regarding rather the Pre is an option for review, "Philip -- we'll work to provide Real Reviewers with the most current phones that work on their carrier (or provide service on an alternate carrier). That will include the Palm Pre when available." 

Sign up here: Palm Reviewer Application