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Confirmed: Release Date for GSM Palm Pre in Europe, UK and Germany


It's officially official, the folks in Germany will get a change to cop a Palm Pre on October 13th, and for the UK it's the 16th. O2 will hold exclusivity to the GSM Pre for a while. Everything the US loves about the Pre will be in the GSM Pre, except for the fact that it runs on, well -- GSM of course. 

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GSM Palm Pre release this Fall in Germany


An updated picture on Palm's Germany site suggests that the Palm Pre release date in Germany will be somewhere within this Fall, yes -- the GSM Palm Pre. And that's a long, long time.

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Bell employees begins with Palm Pre training?

MobileSyrup got their paws on a Bell internal memo detailing what's to planned down the pipeline at Bell including Palm Pre training.

"What is Pre" is what they're calling the training which will begin on the 20th and ending on the 29th. So an August Release is looking very likely in Canada for the Palm Pre.

[via IntoMobile, via MobileSyrup]


GSM Palm Pre to officially launch on O2 and Movistar in Europe, by the end of year

It's official, UK, Ireland, and Germany are bound to get the Pre on O2 where as Spain it will be Movistar, both exclusively. And you want a release date huh? Palm is trying to be creative here, so instead of saying "soon", it's "in time for the holidays". Which essentially means before the end of the year as engadget notes. No price point released either. This feels like the waiting game all over again... but for Europe.

Update: Palm Germany site states an October launch.

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GSM Palm Pre to launch on O2 exclusively in UK?

According to Guardian, O2 has won the exclusivity to the GSM Pre in the UK. We haven't heard official announcement from either side, but it is said that Palm will confirm the deal as early as next week. No word on pricing or release date.

[via engadget]

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Palm Pre Caught Sporting GSM SIM Card in Asia

Over at Tinhte forums in Vietnam, it looks as though the Palm's Pre has been caught with a few shots of GSM fever sporting a SIM card for all of the GSM network fans. Not thrilled about switching to Sprint? Well hold on their partner, because here are photos to prove that's coming alright. No word on a release date.

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Palm Pre Release Date: Offically June 6th, $199 after rebate

This is not a rumor! Palm & Sprint has officially announced that the Palm Pre will be due on JUNE 6TH. Priced at $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate with 2 year contract. The TouchStone will run for $59.99 and battery backing will cost $19.99, together as a bundle, $69.99. It will be available via Sprint stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and select Wal-Mart stores.

The funny thing is that me and Tony actually knew about the this release date, we just couldn't tell no body... Thought you should know.

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I said Release My Pre!: Mother's Day Edition

Haha... That Palm Pre box was huge.