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Palm Pre Owners Satisfied With Their Phones


A survey performed last week by Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech Blog states Pre Owners were 87% satisfied and 45% as "very satisfied" with  the Palm Pre. "Palm's percentage of planned smart phone purchases among consumers has doubled since our previous survey (8%; up 4-pts), indicating the Pre is off to a very solid start."

The largets complaint was the lack of applications being built for the Palm Pre, which 24 percent of people stated that was a problem. But the PreDevCamp held last Saturday was a eye opening experience to see how many new applications will be coming to the Pre.

During the Camp, Palm adamantly stated that approval  process for applications will be fast and painless for developers. They have taken he gripes and complaints of Apple developers and are listening the complaints and as a result, they have developed a smooth process to assist new developers to port their applications or build new ones for the WebOS.