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WebOS SDK 1.3.1 change log released

With each big update comes a Mojo SDK update as well. A new API and some more documentation. Palm still has a lot of work to do when it comes to the SDK but every little thing helps. Here is the change log posted on their site.

Mojo SDK 1.3.1 Now Available, featuring Pixi emulator support and docs enhancements

Filed under: — Chuq Von Rospach @ 1:19 pm

Now that Palm Pixi is on the verge of shipping, we’ve released both webOS version 1.3.1 and the new version of the Mojo Software Development Kit.

The highlights of the Mojo SDK version 1.3.1 release are the following;

  • Enhanced Pixi support in emulator
  • API to keep screen from auto-dimming
  • Auto-generation of app Help / Support scene
  • Numerous framework doc enhancements

Elaborating a bit on the last item, we’ve heard the developer community’s feedback about webOS docs loud and clear. You’ll see the first efforts to expand, clarify, and improve quality of the docs with this release. Notably, we’ve provided new step-by-step installation instructions, with more thorough information about how to get your system ready before you download and install the SDK. Start on our Download page by selecting the version of the SDK you’d like to use.

For more complete information about Mojo SDK Version 1.3.1, see the Release Notes on webOSdev.



Palm Pre App Catalog Has 1,000,000 Downloads So Far

According to a new survey out today, just 18 days after the launch of the Palm Pre and am unofficial report of 150,000+ units sold, Palm reached a milestone with the Palm Pre App Catalog by achieving it's 1,000,000 download. This is fairly impressive considering the Palm Pre was launched on Sprint, which is still the number 3 carrier in the United States, less than 30 total applications were available at the time of launch and according to Medialets in a statement:

"still comparing at the 1 million mark, the average Palm Pre user had downloaded 26x the number of apps that iPhone users had, and the average app in the App Catalog experienced 16x the number of downloads that apps in the App Store had experienced."

Not bad at all. Now all Palm has to do is get the SDK released so the homebrew devs can have a chance to drop some real innovation for Palm's webOS.