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Review: BestSkinsEver Full Body shield for Palm Pre

There's InvisibleSHIELD or Ghost Armor for about $25, then there's a cheaper alternative for just 8 bucks + Free Shipping. I'm talking about BestSkinsEver. Read on for our review and impression of it.

Out of the Envelope: 

First off, it comes in an envelope unlike most other shields which often arrives in a box or mailer. And the reason being, the squeegee and solution spray are not included. On the flip side, you can easily find replacements of those 2 items in the house. 
In the envelope: Plastic firm (Front & Back), installation instructions. That's it.


The usual procedure -- peel off firm, spray, align, squeegee out the bubbles, and wait.

Use a credit card or something similar as the squeegee. And for the solution "mix about a thumbnail size drop of mild liquid soap (baby shampoo works best) with about 10 oz. of water to make the application solution." It makes sense, save some of your money.

Installation was extremely simple, because maybe it's my second time.

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Give your BlackBerry Storm the "Palm Pre" look

Title says it all. First the iPhone, now the blackBerry, won't be long until a Palm Pre theme pops up for the Android.

This BlackBerry theme is called PreBerry, like the name suggests, it puts a Pre-like skin over the Storm OS. It includes a few known webOS wallpaper, iconsets and more. Nothing special that we haven't seen yet. They promise to update the theme "As New Information Comes Out On This Great Looking Device(I agree!)" The skin could be yours for a payment of  $5.99.


  • From The Sferical Design Team
  • Hidden Shortcuts To Clock, Calendar & Options From HomeScreen
  • Big Today Plus Area Giving Loads Of Information
  • 7 x Customizable Icons On The Main Screen (The Top Four And Ribbon Can Be Hidden)
  • Wallpaper Friendly Homescreen
  • Crisp, Custom Icon Set
  • Custom Menus and Dialogs
  • Unique Background Screens Throughout The PreBerry Theme
  • All New Iconset Especially Designed To Emulate What We Know Of The Pre So Far
  • Updates Promised As New Information Comes Out On This Great Looking Device

Minimum Requirements:

  • Storm OS 4.7 Only
  • Data Plan
  • OTA Install Only