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Sprint Internal Memo: Pres ordered via Telesales may be Non Activated

Sprint began taking Palm Pre orders through Telesales a little over 2 weeks ago. And according to an internal memo, some of the Pres sold via Telesales may be non activated. So if your Pre is not working, and you bought it through telesales, chances are it's simply not activated. Call Sprint about it and they'll replace it.

Summary: Customers who ordered their Palm® Pre™ from Telesales may receive a cold (non-activated) Phone.

Ordering a Palm Pre from Telesales
Effective Date:

What you need to know:

  • Customers may call Customer Care to swap their old phone with a Palm Pre purchased from Telesales.
  • Customer may receive a provisioning has failed message when they turn on their Palm Pre phone.

[via Sprint Gurus]


'Beautiful' Palm Pre ad right on YouTube homepage

Go to YouTube and what do you see? A beautifully presented ad for the Palm Pre -- playing the "flow" video. A clever choice of ad placement. And good to see some more advertising for the Pre. 

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Palm Mojo SDK leaked on the web

Let's get straight to the point here. The Mojo SDK (for Win32) has been leaked to the web. Palm/sprint will probably pull the link, and chances are it's gone when you're reading this. It's confirm that this is the real deal. 

Sprint Hosted download Link (Scanned, no virus, but takes a million years to download)

Link to the download links

This is how it all happened...

  1. Palm invites and doubles the number of early Mojo SDK developers on June 26th
  2. One of the lucky developer decides to leak the link to the Mojo SDK on IRC.
  3. @keithah picks it up and tweets it.
  4. Now we all have the Mojo SDK, well, at least the Windows users.

Click here for the Gallery of Screen Shots of the Mojo SDK running on Windows. [Provided by John, cause I don't have a Windows machine around me.]



Sprint throws a punch at the iPhone and AT&T

Here we have an ad from Sprint that's directed at early 1st gen iPhone adaptors. Bringing out the fact that the Pre can run "multiple applications" and save you $1200 in the long run, that's if you drop your 1st gen iPhone and come over to Sprint for the Pre. A smart move by Sprint and indeed "perfect timing". 

Sprint made the first move, now let's see how Apple/Att reacts to this.

[via FaceBook/Sprint]


Palm Pre App Catalog Has 1,000,000 Downloads So Far

According to a new survey out today, just 18 days after the launch of the Palm Pre and am unofficial report of 150,000+ units sold, Palm reached a milestone with the Palm Pre App Catalog by achieving it's 1,000,000 download. This is fairly impressive considering the Palm Pre was launched on Sprint, which is still the number 3 carrier in the United States, less than 30 total applications were available at the time of launch and according to Medialets in a statement:

"still comparing at the 1 million mark, the average Palm Pre user had downloaded 26x the number of apps that iPhone users had, and the average app in the App Catalog experienced 16x the number of downloads that apps in the App Store had experienced."

Not bad at all. Now all Palm has to do is get the SDK released so the homebrew devs can have a chance to drop some real innovation for Palm's webOS.


Palm EOS (Pixie) To Rival iPhone for $99?

Rumors of a new version of Palm's webOS smart phone have been circulating the internet for several months. It seems Palm may have a new fight with the competing iPhone coming sooner than most expect. The Palm EOS (code name Pixie) the GSM (also a possible dual band CDMA) version phone which has been rumored for quite some time, is getting ready to drop at a price point of $99. According to reports by Mike Abramsky, an analyst for RBC Capital Markets, Palm is expected to launch a device as early as Q4 in the $99 dollar range.


Palm Pre is now available through Telesales

Your local Sprint Store out of Pre's for you? Instead of getting on the darn waiting list, you can try your luck and call Telesales 1-866-866-7509. If telesales, why not throw in online ordering as well?

[Thanks for the tip, nimit7]


Are you on the Palm Pre waiting list?

Sprint finally came out and said it: They're struggling to keep up with the overwhelming demand for the Palm Pre. Though Stores are getting new shipments every week (Not the case with some stores), it'll take them a couple weeks to catch up with all the demand. 

"We still have a backlog of subscribers but it's not unmanageable and we get shipments every week, [...] We'll be short for a while but we're catching up," said Brust, who sees the phone attracting new customers as well as existing Sprint customers, potentially reducing its subscriber cancellation rate." -- Sprint CFO, Bob Brust

[via PalmInfoCenter, thanks Paul]