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TealOS gets the axe (webOS likealike app)

Remember TealOS? The Application by TealPoint that gives Palm OS devices that sleek webOS look. Palm has apparently requested TealPoint to remove and stop selling of TealOS on Monday March 30. From TealOS page:

IMPORTANT! - A Palm's request, we will stop selling TealOS on Monday March 30. Copies purchased prior to this date, however will continue to function.

The TealPoint guys have been working hard on fixing bugs and improving TealOS from day one and will continue to do so by the 30th of this month. We're sorry that such an great application has to go...

Back in late Feburary, we had a short interview with Vince Lee, the President/Founder of TealPoint Software, about TealOS.



Do the guys behind TealOS have a Palm Pre?

We had a short interview with Vince Lee, the President/Founder of TealPoint Software, the guys behind many of the great software for the PalmOS, including the TealOS. Seeing how amazing the TealOS is and how short of a time they got it done, we suspected that they had knowledge of Palm Pre/WebOS prior to CES 09. So we just had to ask him a couple of questions, and this is how it went. 

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Get the Pre experience on your Palm OS 5 device, sorta

What seems to be WebOS at first glance is actually TealOS, a downloadable WebOS-like skin for older Palm devices with PalmOS 5 (They offer a Trial version and a Full Version for $14.95 USD). The Software is loaded with parallel features of the WebOS including, live cards (multiple applications opened at once), and even the popup wave launcher. In other words, it'll will transform your clunky palm device(s) to a spanking new Pre, kinda...


From what I've heard, the TealOS is a bit sluggish and quite a few bugs that needs fixing. If you're gonna download the Skin to your Palm device and pretend you're playing with the pre, we'd love your feedback on it! 

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