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Earth to Palm Pre Tethering: We Have Lift Off!

The people over at isyougeekedup just slammed out a 'How to Guide' to help you Tether you new Palm Pre. Instructions are simple enough: SH tunnel to the Pre, which supports running as a SOCKS proxy. You then configure your browser to point to this proxy and BAM, you’re tethering away. This WILL require your handset to be rooted, if you have the ability to do so.


Sprint Warns Against Palm Pre Tethering Hacking

Sprint had "politely" warned the guys behind Pre Dev Wiki to desist from all discussions regarding tethering for the Palm Pre during the Sprint exclusivity period, or Palm will be forced to take legal actions against the people running the wiki and IRC. The wiki guys have agreed upon this and is not allowing any further discussions about tethering. This all feels like a weird dream... Though I'm sure tethering hacking will still go on, else where.

Pre Dev Wiki Tethering page:

"We have been politely cautioned by Palm that any discussion of tethering during the Sprint exclusivity period (and perhaps beyond—we don't know yet) will probably cause Sprint to complain to Palm, and if that happened then Palm would be forced to react against the people running the IRC channel and this wiki.

We want to retain a good relationship with Palm, hence we are not allowing discussion of tethering on the IRC channel, or in this wiki.

Note that Sprint does not have a plan available for use with the Pre which allows tethering under the Terms Of Service.

Once there is a version of the Pre available for a carrier that does allow tethering, or an unlocked GSM version, then we may be able to change this policy."


Palm Pre Beta Tester: $299 w/contract and Tethering!

Back in February, Sprint removed "Phone as Modem" aka tethering from their Pre's Technical Specs. And that's when we all think the Pre will not support tethering. But guess what? Jim, the Pre beta tester, has came out and say that tethering works on the Pre! Not only that, he said the Pre with a 2 year contract will be $299. Which will be a great price point to compete with the iPhone 3G and maybe the next iPhone.

Jim's own tweets:

"It tethers, tho I'm going 2 try a BT hookup instead... "

'Pre linked right up with FiOS Wi-Fi, but doesn't seem 2like Presario' s BT adapter...Cam's ok, but I'm spoiled by 8mb res Canon #Palm Pre'

'BTW - heard frm source (not Sprint) that Pre price tag 2 be $299 with 2 year it's $100 or so after all the hype wears off"

He is turning out to be a great source for new Palm Pre bits! Gotta love the power of Twitter!