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Interview: Twee, Feeds, and WootOn! We speak to Delicious Morsel about WebOS and their apps

We had the privilege to talk to one of the most popular developers going from the Homebrew community to the App Catalog. Dennis from Delicious Morsel takes the time to talk to us about their experience on WebOS compared to the iPhone and some of their plans for the future. A little while back Delicious Morsel posted a blog entry letting users know that due to some complications with Palm and its App Catalog submission process they are going to discontinue app development on WebOS until Palm can get things in working order. Dennis discusses the issues and lets us know what plans they have for their current apps and apps they have already begun development on.

Check out the interview in its entirity after the break...

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Twee, Tweed, Spaz, or TinyTwitter. What are you Tweeting with?

This week there were about 75 new apps released into the catalog between Monday and Friday. Two of which were paid Twitter apps. Twee and TinyTwitterare the newest of the now four Twitter apps available on WebOS which includes Spaz and Tweed as well. Here is a short run down of each of the clients incase you haven't decided to make that big decision to purchase the paid Twitter apps when you might be happy with the free choices.

Vote for your favorite choice after the break...

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App Catalog: Now at 257 Apps. Twee, Blocks, FlashCards, Timebits, and more


A handful of new apps got in the App Catalog today, some very exciting apps I must say. Official Twee app is finally here and Trapster is back after getting pulled for a fix. And of course, some more tip calculators...

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Twee, another Twitter App not yet on App Catalog

Link to Video.

Twee (Not to be confused with Tweed) is another full featured Twitter Client for the Palm Pre. It's not on the App Catalog yet, but you can be a part of beta testing now -- details athe end of the post. Even though it's in Beta, it has more features and a sleek UI vs. Spaz and Tweed. Screenshots of Twee here.

This is another prove that webOS apps are out there, just waiting for Palm to take them.

Go to for more details on the App and download.

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