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Verizon internal webOS training, right before CES


So Verizon has pretty much confirmed that the Palm Pre is coming to the Big Red in early 2010. And looks like training for webOS just begin for Verizon employees as shown in the leaked internal training slide. The training interestingly starts on 12/15/09 and ends on 1/4/10, right before CES. Where Verizon will most likely announce their plans with Palm for 2010: Palm Pre and Palm Pixi with Wifi

[via PhoneArena]


Verizon confirms Palm Pre again, this time via Twitter

Well another person at Verizon has decided to let someone know that the Palm Pre is on its way to Verizon. This time their tweeting on Twitter from the Verizon Wireless Offers Twitter account 'VZWOffers'. Verizon is currently the largest carrier in the U.S. with the largest 3G coverage area (if you haven't seen Verizon's 'There's a Map for That' commercial it's a must). There are a lot of big name smartphones on their way to Verizon this year including the BlackBerry Storm 2, which our friends over at FoneFrenzy have a nice video of and two Android devices; the rumored Motorola Sholes, and what looks like the HTC Hero. All these devices are exciting but we all get this tingly feeling that Verizon's big launch is going to be the Palm Pre, which they have said numerous times will be out some time in Q1 of 2010. We here at PreThinking are hoping that means January.