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New apps arrive in time for the Palm Pre launch in Europe today[Update]


Two new apps appear in the catalog just in time for the European launch which is happening in mere minutes! The apps, ran and VZ-Netzwerke, both free apps, arrived in the catalog just a few minutes ago. They are definitely suited for Europe since neither app is in English, but English only speaking people shouldn't feel left out. Palm also decided to throw in The Weather Channel app for free in the catalog today as well! This is a very exciting time right now for those who waited the extra four months it took Palm to get the GSM version of the Pre to Europe. But today is the day, it is finally here. Are you getting your GSM Pre today whether you live in Europe or you know a way to get it unlocked?!

Update: According to the German O2 site there will be other apps launched on the German App Catalog that have might not be in the North American Catalog. If any of them are any good let us know in comments!

Update: It looks like both of the VZ-Netzwerke and ran were pulled from our app store. It also looks as though a few other apps are showing up in the catalog.

VZ-Netzwerke - Free [PULLED]

ran - Free [Pulled] - Free

Match 'Em - $0.99

TechTray - $0.99

My Loaned Items - $1.99

The Weather Channel - Free