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Palm launches webOS in 2009 as a sucessor to the popular PalmOS. It first appeared on the original Palm Pre.

In a little over a year, HP aqquires Palm, with webOS as a key reason for the 1.3 Billion dollar purchase.

In 2013, HP licenses webOS to LG to be used in their line of smart TVs.

In 2014, HP kills all remaining webOS hardware, cutting off offical support.

There is still a community that continually supports the OPEN webOS Project.


Express Stocks, a Stock Tracking App for the Palm Pre

iPod Touch and iPhones comes standard with a simple stock tracking app. We got news that the Palm Pre will as well have a stock tracking app ready at launch called "Express Stocks" by Handmark. We emailed Handmark for more info on the app and some bigger images, but it looks like we'll just have to wait until launch.

"Unfortunately, we can’t provide any detailed information about the app at this time, other than it will be called Express Stocks and will provide detailed financial news and personalized stock information."