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Brain Training on your Palm Pre Courtesy of Lumosity

This post is because my friend and co-worker whom we affectionately call 'Neshi', trains his brain all day long with Lumosity. I often watch him multi-tasking on his two wide screen monitors with email on one side and Lumosity on one of 15 tabs he has open in FireFox on the other.

Designed to improve your processing speed and reaction time, Speed Brain exercises your ability to quickly understand information and react to it. You can also connect to your Lumosity account on your Palm Pre, which will allow you to track your Lumosity Brain Profile.

As with other Lumosity games, Speed Brain for webOS was created with heavy involvement from doctors, neuroscientists, and psychologists at universities worldwide.

Search for “Speed Brain” in the Palm Pre App Catalog.

We hope our Palm Pre users will enjoy their brain training on the go!


Skype Not Coming to Palm Pre, Just Yet

According to a press release statement, Skype is not going to be available on the Palm Pre at least for the forseeable future. In a statement released by a Skype executive, it is stated that they will continue to keep their eye on the Palm's Pre and webOS platform. So for all of your 440 million+ Skyper's out  there, not so much (good news).

“We are focused on delivering the best Skype experience for mobile consumers that we can, across any cell phone or mobile operating system. If someone has a cell phone, we want them to be able to use Skype on it. That’s our vision and we’ve already delivered new mobile applications for Windows Mobile, Java-enabled cell phones, Android-powered devices and the iPhone in the first half of 2009. As things are evolving quickly in this space, we will continue to keep our eye on Palm’s Pre and webOS platform, which seems to be getting good traction in its first weekend. But we have nothing to announce at this time.”


Palm EOS (Pixie) Found Embedded In Leaked ROM?

After our previous report of the Palm EOS (code name Pixie) here, the leaked Pre ROM over at the precentral forums found an interesting tidbit.

Could we have the new EOS coming sooner than expected? It very well may be true and with the open ROM now up for dissection, the new devices may end up on a whole slew of networks as found in the ROM.


Embedded Konami Code is The Secret to (Hacking of) Palm Pre Dev Mode


By simply typing in the well known Konami Code, a cheat code that was first found in 1986 on NES systems = ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (typed in: upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart), doing so enables a hidden app called "Developer Mode Enabler." It appears the code was leaked earlier this evening on precentral, only later to be found on Palm’s website. This is a a complete 195MB root image of webOS itself.

The possibilities are endless with the ROM now out on the open. Imagine what is to come from the hacking/coding community and how that alone will assist in increase the sales of Palm devices. Extending the system with custom API's would be pretty nice. This could possibly lead to a code monkey hacking his way through the ROM and offer unlocked Pre’s that could work on Verizon's network.


Source: Engadget


Roger McNamee Talks To Fox News About Pre; Sales Better Than Expected

Elevation Partners co-founder Roger McNamee states that Apple is going to grow rapidly, Rim is going to grow rapidly, but I don't think either one of those has anything to do with us."Apple is the most successful company in Silcon Valley. There is no way we are going to crush them. That would be a ridculous goal. Our (goal) instead is to address all of those people that sit there and say - I cannot have a real life without a keyboard, I can't live doing one thing at a time - Mulitasking is a really core application."

BTW, The Palm sold out in many, many locations. Factories are running 24/7 to keep the Pre in supply. 1.2 Billion cellphones sold last year. 400 million sold in North America, only 20% are smart phones. In five years, Roger expects two thirds to be smart phones. Roger believes this is a 10 year plan.


Palm's Pre Sells Mad at Launch; Up to 100,000 Units Already Sold + 150,000 apps downloaded

According to a report today in the WSJ and engadget [via ZDnet], states that up to 100,000 units were sold. One of the stores I visited had 80 units allocated, all units sold out by 1:00. Not a bad start to a very great device. We expect the sales to pick up after seeing Apple's announcement of the new iPhones.

Many of the folks that were interested in buying an iPhone waited to see what updates the iPhone would have. Now, engadget has a voting poll up to see who is going to buy the iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre. Next weekends sales numbers should tell us everything. But with no guaranteed date for Tethering and MMS for the iPhone, I say the Palm Pre is a better bet.


Remote Erase Bricks Your Palm Pre

Be careful readers! According to tnkgrl's blog, she tried performing a remote erase instead of using the reset functionality that is on the phone. This unintentionally Bricked her phone instead of resetting it. Even though a kind Palm representative picked up her phone to have it reflashed, tnkgrl did mention they should:Erase Device” button above should be relabeled “Disable Device”?



Remember That Huge Facebook Set for Palm Pre? The Commercial is Now Released!

Remember that HUGE Facebook set that was built and leaked a while back and was speculated for the Palm Pre? Well it is officially out and it the Palm Pre/Facebook commercial touting the Palm Pre as the phone for use with Facebook. The ad features celebrity Joann Gikas singing with her band.