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Palm Pre Commercial Officially Released

What do you get when you cross 1,000 Shaolin Kung Fu students, a phone, and Tarsem (Singh) who directed The Cell and The Fall? You get a Palm Pre commercial!


The Shunning of Palm Pre News Websites; Isn't There Any Love Palm? Guess Not!

Unless you're a Mega Star like aplusk (a.k.a. Aston Kutcher for those of you that live on another planet), chances are you aren't going to be getting a your hands on a Palm Pre anytime early. But it seems as though foxycar, Lynn Fox, the Vice President of Public Relations at Palm, believes that Super Stars like Angelina Jolie and Aston Kutcher, are better spokes-people for the Palm Pre handset than credible, and educated supporters like PreThinking, everythingpre, precentral and others, who on a daily basis, pump more information into the InterWebs for the consumption of the masses.

Granted, aplusk has over 2,000,000 followers on Twitter and probably more fans worldwide, but shouldn't honest, hardworking, bloggers, be given the chance to review a handset (especially the ones promoting the Palm Pre) before the super stars of this world? Yes, we should. Reason being is that us bloggers are the ones that will probably give the new Palm Pre a serious concise review, more than several other sites (many who have already bashed the Pre) and will take the time to go over the device meticulously.

Ms. Fox, consider who will really be purchasing the Palm Pre. Not Super Stars, but your every day techno folk that understand this phone is a step up from the iPhone, better UI than Blackberry's and we work for a living to be able to buy one of these phones or switch to Sprint's everything plan. Keep that in mind next time before you publicly offer a phone to a Super Star who can wait just like the rest of us Pre Fans and easily buy it themselves.

Thank heavens there are several smart people at Sprint who view us as just the opposite and actually welcome comments, criticism and are eager to work with Bloggers in promoting of the advantages of the Palm Pre.


Palm Pre Cheaper To Operate Than iPhone

According to Barron's assessment of the Palm Pre vs. iPhone, the Palm Pre is cheaper to operate on Sprint than the iPhone is on AT&T.

  • Handset: Sprint, $199 after rebate; AT&T, $199.
  • Unlimited data and voice: Sprint, $100 a month. AT&T, $129.99.
  • 450 voice minutes plus unlimited data: Sprint, $69.99 a month. AT&T, $69.99.
  • 900 voice minutes: Sprint, $89.99. AT&T,  $89.99.
  • Family plan, 2 phones: Sprint, $129.99 for 2 Pre phones, plus $19.99 for additional lines. AT&T, $129.99 to cover 2 iPhones, plus $39.99 for added lines.
  • 3000 shares minutes: Sprint, $169.99. AT&T, 209.99.
  • Unlimited family plan (2 phones): Sprint, $189.99, plus $89.99 for additional lines. AT&T, $259.99, plus $129.99 for additional lines.

Read more on Barron's Tech Trader Daily


Palm’s credible challenge to the iPhone

David Pogue, a long time aficionado of the iPhone/Apple, has written a very neutral article on the recognized success of the upcoming Palm Pre.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"The Pre, which goes on sale first in the United States on Saturday and sometime in the second half of 2009 in Europe, is an elegant, joyous, multitouch smartphone that seems intended to be ‘‘iPhone, remixed.’’ That’s no surprise, really; its primary mastermind was Jon Rubenstein, who joined Palm after working with Steve Jobs of Apple, on and off, for 18 years. Once at Palm, he hired 250 engineers from Apple and elsewhere, and challenged them to out iPhone the iPhone."

Read the rest of the article here


Tweed CONFIRMED as New Palm Pre WebOS Client Via Twitter


PivotalLabs has confirmed via Twitter moments ago, that Tweed is a Twitter Client. Also note that they wrote @palm and wrote hashmarks of #palmpre and #webos. This would confirm Tweed as the new WebOS Twitter client for the Palm Pre.


Is Tweed The First WebOS Twitter App for Palm Pre? It Looks Like It.


The guys over at everythingpre noticed a new Twitter client, in which we caught too, popping up over at on Twitter. Doing some Google searching, we weren't able to find out any information on the client. But the Tweed snapshot above, links directly to to PivotalLabs, who also happen to be development partner for the Palm webOS platform, as reported.

Leave a comment and give us some ideas on the type of Twitter client you would like to see.


Palm Pre Caught on Video; Camera Debuts

Although this post is a day old, we still found it relevant for all of you Palm Pre fans that want more than blurry pics and teaser commercials. This is probably one of the few videos that goes through the latest build of the phone with all of the apps. At lease this employee was kind enough to post it over on forums at


InstantItems and Runway coming to Palm Pre

A while back,  Greg Stevenson, the developer of Runway and Instant Apps, didn't want to release any information on his application for the Palm Pre. But due to overwhelming request for info, he has decided to put up a website for views to find and get a little more insight of the application for the Pre.

Below is an excerpt of his site:

Runway: would be considered Time Management or Project Management software, or a calendar program as mentioned in the magazine column. But if Runway is just another Time Management application, then the prē is just another mobile device. Runway takes Palm Synergy—the feature that brings multiple types of information into a single logical view—to a whole new level. More details will be provided after the prē has been released.

InstantItems: is a key component of Runway and is also being offered as a free, standalone utility for the Palm prē. It allows you to dial numbers from your contacts, enter appointments into your calendar, add items to your To Do list, etc. —all in an extremely quick manner using a fraction of the keystrokes of traditional methods. It even has a companion game (also free) so you can have fun learning this blazing fast way of using your prē. We predict it will be one of the key, “must have” applications for every prē owner.

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