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Palm hints at new Touchstone Product Line, Inductive data transferring?

After watching a 45 minute long Palm Pre demo video from Myriam over at tnkgrl, an interesting tidbit slipped out from a marketing manager at Palm. 

"The Touchstone is the name of a entire line of products. This is the first Touchtone product in that family. This is the charging dock."

What other Touchstone accessories can we be looking forward to here? First off, I'm thinking there must be more features to the "Palm Pre Touchstone back cover" than just for charging. As of now, we know that the Touchstone back cover has these magnets that hold the Pre in place and align it with the Touchstone for charging. The only other features it might hold is the ability to send and receive data with inductive coupling technology via the Touchstone back cover. If this is true, it's definitely going to open up a world of new possibilities for hardware and accessories. Hmm, I wonder what else they're hiding...

Here're a few accessories/things I can think of right now:

1) You know those stereo speakers where you plug the iPod/iPhone in and leave it there? For the Pre, you just leave it on top of these made for pre stereo speakers.

2) Touchstone USB dock, where you have this Touchstone charging dock lookalike. And basically have it plugged into your computer's usb hub which acts as the connection between the Pre and your PC. 

3) Have your Pre touch back to back with another pre, where it will transfer contact info and other data.

4) Walk into a Sprint store and place your Pre on this table, where it will give the Sprint reps some useful info to help better serve you.

Let your imagination run wild!

[Thanks, Anonymous tipster]


Touchstone and its battery cover will be available as a bundle or separately

If you're getting the Touchstone when it's available (Does not come with the Palm Pre, sold separately), your Pre is required to have this matte back cover on to work with it. Reason being the Pre needs "magnets" that will hold it in place and align with the correct position for charging. Well, the standard back cover doesn't have these magnets, the matte cover does. And it would make sense if this Touchstone back cover came with the Touchstone as a bundle right? Well, according to Palm reps, it's yes, but on's Touchstone page, it's no. 

Requires Palm Pre Touchstone back cover, sold separately. Wall charger provided with Pre is also required for use.

It turns out that both sources are right, Palm cleared it up in the form of a tweet by tweeting that the Touchstone and its back cover will be available as a bundle or separately. Good to know.

[Thanks for the heads up, John]